December 11, 2018

NeuroTrauma Healing Process & The Soul Re-Cognition For Addiction Recovery

NeuroTrauma Healing Process & The Soul Re-Cognition For Addiction Recovery

Dane Stevens is the owner and director of An Extraordinary life and the healing centre. Dane is the creator of the Neuro Trauma Healing Process and the Soul Recognition Process. Dane created those processes from dealing with a childhood trauma and someone had to “force the trauma out of him”. Dane did not know anything about healing and just trusted the process what was going on and it really affected him as a child. Eventually it all went in a downward spiral and Dane lost everything eventually being homeless.

It took Dane a number of years to get back on track and what he has created is the result of that. After learning about trauma through some professionals. This process shows people that there is a resolution, and not have to keep medicating them. Dane is not a coach or a counsellor anymore, as he used to do that for years. In the Neuro Trauma Process you get the answers within you. Neuro Trauma Healing is not telling someone what to do.

When you get into the Soul Recognition work you get to connect to different aspects of you and in that way in no longer just healing work it is empowering learning how to feed yourself and let yourself know who you really are. You know you have dealt with something when the issue you have dealt with comes up again and you have no reaction because you know what to do through the work you did in the past on it.

Dane works with people one on one and certifies people in the field. Also is coming out with a book called “Reclaim Your Power” and will be coming out this summer.

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